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Mike to the rescue.

We are a cover band that has been playing Houston for over 9 years. The group has had some members come and go, but a steady 5 piece for about five years running. Our current drummer was having wrist issues and the urge to make a run at original music. He wanted time off and left us needing a reliable sub for some upcoming gigs. We had a suitable replacement (sub) that dropped out three weeks into working with him on an upcoming show (2 weeks away). We quickly scoured the net and stumbled across Mike. Mike was confident and came prepared to practice with many songs ready to play. Within two weeks, we had 35 plus songs ready for a two-hour gig.

The gig went off without a hitch and Mike was phenomenal. The sets (2) were fast paced and Mike never missed a beat. To make things more challenging, we play about a third of the set to backing tracks, which require the drummer to keep the band in check and follow the track. No issues or need to bail on any song. We flew through all 30 songs and kept the crowd of 200 engaged all night with a rock solid show.

Mike is our go to guy for shows when needed. Our only hope is that many others do not discover his amazing talent and keep him booked solid (just being selfish here).

Thanks always Mike and we look forward to many years of having you play with us.

Dennis – Thunderpantsband.com