Michael Blattel : 281-235-8830 : michael.blattel.music@gmail.com


Band Leaders/Members:

“Mike was confident and came prepared to practice with many songs ready to play. Within two weeks, we had 35 plus songs ready for a two-hour gig.” —Continue reading…

“Mike was able to learn our set list and come in tight, prepared and professional with a minimum of practices. Being a heavier band with tons of time signature changes didn’t faze Mike in the least and he impressed us with his versatility, skill and touch.”

“Finding a sub that you’re comfortable in recommending, and putting your name behind, is no easy task. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Mike for over 10 years and have called him to sub on numerous occasions, in a variety of musical settings. including Jazz, Country, Rock, and Comemporary Christian. He is an outstanding, versatile player that is respectful of the gig and the others he plays with.”

“I’ve worked with Mike Blattel for years in different bands and settings. He is adept at every style I’ve ever thrown at him and is lots of fun to work with. Mike has a great attitude, tons of talent and is dependable to boot. I highly recommend him and love working with him.”

“Mike is one of those drummers who transcends just “hitting things with sticks”, and makes real music–melodic, memorable, and integral to the song. He’s a consummate musician, and his drumming is on par with the best musicians out there.”

“Mike has all the tools: versatile drummer, totally professional, and a fun band-mate. He can lock it down and hit the groove with the best of them, and he’s also very musical. He knows the tunes and is ready to work on them.”

“Need a sub who will learn the music, show up early, works well with everyone, gets the environment and (oh yeah) has great chops, hire Michael.”

“Though his profile says Houston, Mr. Michael Blattel lives in the pocket.”

  • Vin Hollywood (The Rock Agents)

“Mike is a versatile and dynamic drummer whose professionalism and ability exceeds the demands of any occasion.  His impeccable timing coupled with a vast knowledge of musical styles are sure to enhance any performance.”

  • Jeremey Emmert (Halogen Trio)